Become A Platinum Partner

Platinum Partners is a year program to provide every resource, strategy, tactic, and tool for your practice to create uncommon growth and THRIVE!

The Platinum Partners will get you across the finishing line of your growth goals and propel your operation to the next level while joining other practice owners to collaborate, network, and grow together!

Capitalize on your strengths while Solving Your Biggest Challenges

At Hearworks, we understand that the hearing healthcare industry is highly competitive, and it can be challenging to stand out in a crowded market.  Our services were designed from the ground up to help you identify and capitalize on your strengths, while also addressing any weaknesses or areas for improvement.

Our expert business coaches have years of experience working with hearing healthcare practices of all sizes and types.  We have a deep understanding of the challenges that face this industry, and we know what it takes to overcome them.


Program Requirements

$500,000 + Annual Revenue
Been in Business 3+ Years
Must Have a Growth Mindset
Must Be Awesome

Platinum Partner Benefits

Dedicated Coaching & Training Team
Monthly Group
2 Yearly In-person Mastermind Events
Expanded Networking
Monthly Virtual Trainings
Monthly Fireside Chats
Practice Mastery Program
Practice Mastery Certification

Million Dollar Club Opportunity
Meet the Speakers
Swag, Swag & More Swag
Unlimited Creative Services
Access to All Proven Marketing Campaigns
Tons of Resources – Books, Training Programs & More
Opportunities for Other Immersion Events
Office Hours 2x/month to Solve Challenges in Real Time

“Platinum Partners gave me the ability to think larger and implement a structure to accomplish their goals.
Working with the best practices in the country has been an amazing experience to learn their pains and how they’ve adapted to take those nuggets home to work on our practice.”